The Colombo Art Biennale (CAB) aims to raise awareness of Sri Lankan contemporary art and culture around within Sri Lanka and internationally. CAB aims to promote established and emerging artists working in all mediums of contemporary visual art.


To encourage peace between and within nations, communities, families and individuals. This is not so much about showcasing Sri Lankan art; this is a project with a vision. This is to show the world that despite the fact that Sri Lanka is a seemingly politically, ethnically polarized society, artists can work together as collectives, a sign of peace in itself. “Imagining Peace”- Imagining that people can work together.


To inspire and educate the youth of Sri Lanka through contemporary art, by giving them the opportunity to come in contact with the idea of working together as collectives. They will be encouraged to broaden their artistic vocabulary and expression by meeting and being exposed to the diverse art community.


To provide a platform for cultural exchanges between Sri Lankans and other countries.