Hempel Galleries work as a response to the ever- strengthening artistic talent emerging from Sri Lanka and the ever-increasing need for forums from which this little discovered talent can be seen internationally.

Hempel Galleries operate as a commercial gallery in both physical and virtual gallery spaces, creating and providing new platforms from which to showcase our artists’ work. Hempel Galleries take a personal interest and are dedicated to the promotion of each and every one of their artists so as to increase their profile, their reputation, and to raise awareness in the international forum.

Anup Vega’s spontaneous grace and the insights unique to him can be seen in his exhibition titled “BECOMING ESCAPEE”. His obsession is with his immediate surroundings and in particular, nature.

Vega, born in Kurunegala in 1967, studied at the village school Wandaragala and moved to Colombo in 1983. Having visited galleries and exhibitions in Colombo, he soon discovered the joy of sharing the bliss of his own creativity. Ever since he began exhibiting, his work has been a reflection of nourishment, of joy, of beauty and of bliss which helps him to keep his spirit high.

His work does not need any justification nor explanation. It is the world he inhabits and his sole object of desire.