The “Becoming One Party” will be the ultimate celebration of art, life and the peaceful future of Sri Lanka as the CAB team brings together a plethora of vivacious artistic talent from around the world to create an event like never before in Colombo.

The Party, which will be hosted by The Warehouse Project, Maradana, will be a fabulous celebration of the 2012 Colombo Art Biennale ‘Becoming’. The Party promises a winning combination of cultural significance, artistic wealth, flowing refreshments and a thoroughly entertaining line up of amusement for its guests.

The party will begin by inviting its guests to engage with a variety of innovative and interactive artworks created by CoCA, Sri Lanka’s up and coming generation of Artists. These exciting young artists will inevitably create some bright fun projects to set the tone for a captivating dance theatre performance by ‘Inter Act Art Theatre House’, a young group of Sri Lankan experimental dance performers

The already buzzing atmosphere will be given a further charge by Dr Draw, an electric violinist from Canada. DR. DRAW’s musical repertoire spans the globe as he “creatively interacts with cultures across the world.” The result is a constantly evolving musical style that brings together the seemingly disparate elements of classical violin, jazz-rock fusion, folk and pop into a riveting masala that feeds the soul and invigorates audiences.

Having nurtured a solid reputation at home for utterly captivating music and energetic performances, Dr. Draw’s recent performances have included playing for the Prime Minister of Singapore at the 2007 Imagination conference and a spate of Louis Vuitton events in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea .

As the night continues, partygoers can kick back their heels as, in true CAB style, the party introduces local percussionists and DJ’s to perform alongside our international guests

For the first time in Sri Lanka, seen at the Becoming ONE Party, both local and international musicians, DJ’s, percussionists and visual and performing artists will interact together, creating a high energy experimental creative palette that will never be forgotten.

This will be a party like never before seen in Colombo. Become one with the cultural amalgamation which CAB has created. A party not to be missed…