Dear friends and supporters,

Again a photography class completed their three months vocational training at one world foundation. Under the direction of Günter Mik and Chiara Corica the students developed an exhibition and presented their newly acquired skills in an impressive show. Subsequently they will serve a six months internship at photographers or newspapers in the area. Only afterwards they are admitted to the final exam, after which the successful students will receive an official certificate of the governmental authorities, which is similar to a certificate of apprenticeship in Europe. Images of the exhibition can be found on our website under the section “Photography Workshop”.

As every year at the end of term our preschool Montessori classes celebrated the traditional festivity of “Perahera” with a parade through Ahungalla. They dressed up for example as tea pickers, rice harvester or as Veddas, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. Their colourful costumes were produced by the tailoring class of one world foundation. Under the section “News” you can have a look at some pictures of the parade and the distribution of certificates at the end of term.


Kathrin Messner