For the second edition of the Colombo Art Biennale, CAB launched ‘Artist Dinners’, offering the opportunity to mingle and interact with both the local and international participating Biennale artists. Visitors met up and coming local talent, heard the stories of the masters and encountered experimental art by visiting artists.

The Collectors Dinner

Was an opportunity to learn more about Sri Lankan contemporary art for both existing and aspiring collectors. Guests came to listen to their stories and meet up-and-coming Sri Lankan artists. CAB co-curator Suresh Jayaram from India gave an informative presentation on the rise of the Indian art market and the bridges that connect Sri Lankan contemporary art with that of the region. Guests also enjoyed a fabulous feast of home cooked Italian cuisine hosted by Raffaella Tiscali in her home, accompanied by speciality Italian wines by Favourite International.

The Warehouse Dinner

Hosted by HE the German Ambassador, Warehouse Project, Maradana which was attended by both the artistic and business communities in Colombo.

At this dinner, CAB’s co-director Neil Butler, who has been directly involved in creating festivals and events in the UK for Glasgow , as part of the cities year as European Capital of Culture gave a presentation at which he talked of the power of art and culture to create economic benefit. The arts support a positive self image within the community and communicate core values and identity as well as a sophisticated society to the international community. Strong arts encourages tourism and inward investment by promoting the city and country as an exciting environment to live and work in.

Neil also talked of a rich history of cities and indeed countries recognising the many benefits brought by the cultural industries in general and the arts in particular.