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2012 Theme: Becoming

The theme “Becoming” can be viewed as a space of “liminality”, “transitional period” or “space of transition”.Becoming is about is neither about the past, nor the future, it is about the present, this “liminal space” with high potentiality in between two stages of being. It can be interpreted in the context of the history of Sri Lanka but it can also be seen on a global scale, politically or concerning questions of humanity. There are similar structures in every social system which leave us with thought provoking insights into these transitional states of ‘Becoming’.

Artists in Sri Lanka have something to share with the world; an expression of the challenges of their daily lives, deepened by the rich mystical history of the country. Until the first Colombo Art Biennale in 2009, they had not been given the opportunity to express themselves freely through a given theme. The upcoming Colombo Art Biennale will give further opportunities by being showcased alongside recognized international artists and thus be fully seen on an international level. It is time that Sri Lankan art like that of most other countries around the globe is shared with the rest of the world.

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