The Conversation Series will run through the Biennale, in some ways as an evolving conversation with many strands. The panel of curators, artists, academics, critics and members of the public will all contribute to the many different perspectives of approaching the larger conceptual framing of ‘making history.’

Broadly, the series will run through 5 major panels – The ‘C’ Word: Defining Curating Practice; Regional Histories, Regional Art Perspectives; Memory and Archive; Art as Agency, Art as Counter Narrative; Practice: The Performance Art Continuum

In addition to this the conversations will also run through the ‘Arty Afternoons,’ which will be primarily geared for (but not limited to) art students and the practicing artist community. The afternoon line-up so far includes: Who in the World Am I: Changing Perspectives in an Art Practice; Every Good Painting Cracks: A Lecture on the Conservation of Paintings in the Tropics; Not So Strange Bedfellows: Art and Technology; The Art of Identity Politics. 

And finally, there will be the more informal conversations set up with artists in the different gallery spaces, somewhat ‘pop-up’ in design, which will be open to audiences to just pull up a chair and join in the conversation as it evolves.