Alnoor Mitha

Lead curator – Visual Arts Programme

CAB is delighted to welcome Alnoor Mitha as Lead Curator for COLOMBO ART BIENNALE 2016 With ‘Conceiving Space’, 25th Nov – 22nd Dec 2016

The Colombo Art Biennale’s (CAB) 4th edition of Sri Lanka’s leading International Festival of Contemporary Art announces the theme ‘Conceiving Space’. Annoushka Hempel, CAB’s Founding Artistic Director along with the CAB Artistic Advisory Board are delighted to welcome Alnoor Mitha as Lead Curator for 2016.

Alnoor Mitha, joined The Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in 2012. He is a Senior Research Fellow (Asian Cultures) at MIRIAD and Manchester School of Art. Prior to this, he had held posts as Curator at both Huddersfield and Oldham Art Galleries. During 2001-2011, Mitha was the founding Artistic Director of Shisha, the international agency for contemporary South Asian crafts and visual arts. Whilst at Shisha, Mitha founded the award winning, Asia Triennial Manchester (ATM). Through his vision, the ATM is now part of MMU as a strategic International Festival of Contemporary Visual Culture. Mitha has also produced numerous publications and is a trustee for Cubitt (Turner Prize nominated artists), London. He was also nominated for the TSB Asian Jewel Award for his outstanding work for Asian arts.

In 2014, Mitha was awarded a substantial grant from Arts Council England and the highest grant from the Knowledge Exchange Innovation fund to research and deliver the third Asian Triennial Manchester (ATM14) and the inaugural Asian Business Event (ABE).

Gihan Karunaratne-01

Gihan Karunaratne

Director, Architects Programme

Gihan Karunaratne is a graduate of Royal College of Art in London. He has lectured in many countries and is a recipient of the Bovis and Architectural Journal Award for Architecture.

Karunaratne is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for Architecture, Design and Education and writes and researches extensively on art and architecture.

Karunaratne’s philosophy and interest lies in urban conditions within cities which are undergoing constant physical, economic and social changes in patterns of urban living. In many of his projects he hasresearched and explored the underbelly of the city in great detail, specifically the peripheries and incidences where people hide from social normality.

Gihan has recently started a detailed urban/architectural study into the slum housing communities of Sri Lanka, specifically in parts of Colombo. This study also involves research into low cost housing architecture and design. Due to the results of displaced communities following civil wars and tsunami, his research also focuses on the social impact of architecture and how it can unify broken, fractured families and communities through design.

Gihan’s art work is a combination of observation, investigation and high-tech data analysis. His maps identify movement, socio-economic patterns, and current local and global political conditions. By exposing these alternative realities, the maps lay them open to interrogation and investigate alternative ways of understanding current local and global issues.


Chinthaka Thenurwara

Co-Outreach Programme Director/Venues Manager

Chinthaka is a versatile artist who dreams for a living. His forte is Photography. He dreams not only for himself but makes the dreams of others materialise.
Originating from a family of talented artists and designers he was exposed to not one, but diverse forms of art at a very tender age.

He has experience in painting, Interior design and photography in various continents ranging from Asia to Europe and his work is well received globally.
His Conceptual and commercial photographs has won him multiple awards internationally and locally.

Now, as a visiting lecturer at the University of Moratuwa, he lecturers photography for advertising and technical purposes to the final year students who are reading for a degree in Graphic Design while rendering his services as a consultant interior and  graphic  designer, photographer and artist for internationally renowned organisations.

Chinthaka is one of the main icons who created a perceptible new approach to the art of photography which has created an ideological shift in thephotography field in Sri Lanka. He is also the co-founder of “Click” CThenuwara School of Photography which takes a hands-on approach to teaching armature and professional photographers the technique, aesthetics and conceptualization skills needed to create a cohesive body of work that demonstrates their personal signature in every image.


Poornima Thenuwara

Co-Outreach Programme Director

Poornima is a fused combination of artist, designer and art education specialist.Currently the Head of Art at the BritishSchoolin Colombo, she heads the International Baccalaureate programme in Visual Arts.

She has emerged in the international arena in the last few years as a major artist working in the media of painting, photography, mixed media, installation, object art, graphic and interior design.

Poornima has won many awards for her paintings, digital art and conceptual photography.

Her work has been recognised and acclaimed by international groups of contemporary artists.She also functions as a free-lance artist, photographer interior and graphic designer for a selected, elite client tale in Europe, Asia and Australia.