Visual Arts Symposium curated by Alnoor Mitha

Theme: Multiple perspectives and biennials

Location and date: Nuga Gama, Cinnamon Grand on the 3rd and 4th of December

On each day of the Visual Arts Symposium, international as well as local artists will present their art work in the context of the Colombo Art Biennale theme “Conceiving Space” and the concept of biennials. After the presentations, there will be roundtable discussion on each day, open to the audience. Furthermore, there will be special guests, presenting other biennials and triennials. Tanya Warnakulasuriya from British Council will be the Chair of the Symposium.

3rd of December from 2pm until 4:45pm
On the first day of the Visual Arts Symposium, Faiza Butt, Hardeep Pandhal and Poornima Jayasinghe will present their art work. Furthermore, Amin Gulgee will introduce the Karachi Biennale, Tarun Nagesh will present the Asia Pacific Triennial and Nour Aslam will talk about the Lahore Biennale. After these presentations, there will be a roundtable discussion.

4th of December from 3pm until 6pm
On the second day of the Visual Arts Symposium, the artists Pushpamala N., Jayne Dyer, Tasawar Bashir, Liz Fernando and Venuri Perera will present their art work. After these presentations, there will be a roundtable discussion, followed by a performance by Venuri Perera.

Architecture Symposium curated by Gihan Karunaratne

The CAB2016 Symposium discussion on Art and Architecture seeks to inspire and engage the community for artists, architects and design professional on practical questions regarding the political, cultural and economic landscape of the current times within which architecture operates.

Some of the questions the Symposium will ask:

  • How will architecture and design be deliberated, produced and practiced in a world of fluctuations and alterations?
  • How within such a context will issues of place, geography and site, power of local wisdom and ethics of well-being, be constructed?
  • What kind of work can be looked up to as exemplary and talismanic for this generation and the next?

The Symposium will provide an inspiring and intellectual platform for those involved in imagining and shaping the futures of the environment. Realizing that conversations on the environment need not be confined within academic or professional universities. CAB is also committed to bringing issues of contemporary architecture, cities and settlements and landscapes to a large public audience. The broader intention is to contribute towards improving the conditions of environmental learning, practice and knowledge, and promoting why designed efforts are necessary to bring about socio-ecological benefits.

Architecture symposium : Nuga Gama, Cinnamon Grand, Colombo

10.12.2016. From 1.30pm until 6pm

  1. Theme:  “Hand making, mind-hand-world, learning through physical engagement,.”

        Chair:  Studio Assemble and Madelon Vriesendorp

  1. Theme: Taking architectural education into the community.(Panel discussion)

       Chair: Prof. Tony Van Raat 

  1. Theme: The Architecture Biennale – architectural exhibitions as part of the architectural practice (panel discussion)

        Chair: Sandra Oehy

  1. Sony Devabhaktuni (University of   Hong Kong). 
  • Massimo Santanicchia (Iceland Academy of Arts) (Iceland)


  • Madelon Vriesendorp (Partner of OMA) (Dutch)
  • Amica Dall (Director of Assemble) (UK)
  • James Binning (Director of Assemble) (UK)
  • James Balmond (Balmond Studio- Creative director )     (Sri Lanka)
  • Hiranthi Welandawe, (SLIA. Architect/Colombo Mega City Project) (Sri Lanka)
  • Krystina Kaza of Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland. (New Zealand)
  • Sandra Oehy (Curator: Swiss pavilion Venice biennale) (Switzerland) tbc
  • Sony Devabhaktuni (University of Hong Kong). (Hong Kong) and
  • Massimo Santanicchia (Iceland Academy of Arts) (Iceland)
  • Eva Sopeoglou (University of Heartfordshire) (UK)
  • Asiri Dissanayake (SLIA architect). (Sri Lanka)
  • Prof. Alberto Foyo (AIA architect).  (US)
  • Prof.Tony van Raat (Auckland University of Technology)

Theertha Performance Platform Symposium curated by Godwin Constantine

Theme: ‘Emancipated Spectator’

Location and date: Nuga Gama, Cinnamon Grand on the 11th of December from 10am until 12pm

Participants: Jeetin Rhanga, Murali Cheeroth and Janani Cooray

This symposium will focus on the new role of the spectator. The traditional spectator of the “white box gallery space” was supposed to look at art and appreciate/understand it. The spectator of performance art is no longer a passive onlooker; he is an active participant in the creation of meaning of the art work.  We try to explore how this change is taking place especially in the context of public space performance.  Our ultimate aim is to understand the evolving aesthetics of public space performance art.