21.02.15 – 14.02.15

Hempel Galleries, Colombo

The exhibition will remain open till 14.03.15

Hempel Galleries is very proud to present the first solo exhibition in Colombo for five years, showcasing the latest body of works by acclaimed Sri Lankan Artist Pala Pothupitiye. ‘Pride and Power’ will comprise works that include paintings, drawings and sculpture.

The attraction of Pala’s work is inescapable. It blinds the viewer to the realities of life and leads us to a visual pleasure similar to what is experienced today in Sri Lanka. No matter how much we dislike underlying negativity, we cannot escape being consumed by so-called ‘development’ and experience ‘beautification’. Pala, un-hesitantly and fearlessly sheds a broad beam of light on what is occurring in Sri Lanka today. His visual voice is fearless.

30/3 Barnes Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

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