Support a Sri Lankan Artist


The Colombo Art Biennale is now the largest contemporary art manifestation in Sri Lanka. It was initiated and continues to showcase the most progressive contemporary Sri Lankan artists, and to build a platform upon which talented Sri Lankan artists would gain recognition both nationally and internationally.

CAB was launched in 2009 with ‘Imagining Peace’. The second edition was launched in 2012 with ‘Becoming’, providing an international platform, to showcase the very best of Sri Lankan contemporary visual artists alongside regional and international artists.  The third edition of CAB is set for Jan under a new theme – ‘Making History’ (Please see attached document for more information on the event).

The international programme is funded by international cultural organizations, but we are still in need of support for our local artists…!

Please help our local artists to participate

Cost of supporting one artist: LKR 200,000

This includes a cash contribution to the artist towards the production of the artwork to be presented, as well as costs for inclusion in the catalogue, press & promotion, venue hire, lighting, equipment, display costs, labour and transport.

In return for your support:

  • CAB will endeavour to mention the support you are offering to the artist in the capacity of Patron of the Arts in Sri Lanka, on our website with logo representation if applicable.
  • Promotion of your brand (if applicable) will also be done through social media such as Facebook, Blog and Twitter.
  • We will also carry your logo/name in the catalogue next to the sponsored artist’s allocated page.
  • You will receive an artwork from the artist you have helped as a thank you for your support.