University Students Program

This programme will see international students from Auckland University (New Zealand), Sheffield Hallam University (UK), Hertfordshire University (UK), Unitec Institute of Technology (NEW Zealand), Architecture Graduates from the University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka) and the Colombo School of Architecture collaborating with the Architects/Artists in this nine-day programme in and around Slave Island. Students will be involved in a series of creative workshops and assist artists in the production of their works. In addition young students from Sri Lanka will be given the opportunity to participate in workshops with leading international artists such as Madelon Vrisendorp, Will Alsop and Studio Assemble, as well as big local names such as Pala Pothupitiye.

In addition, Channa Daswatte (Sri Lanka) will be running a student workshop.

Theertha Mentoring Program

Directed by Jagath Weeresinghe, coordinated by Lalith Mange & organized by Theertha.

With an introductory lecture and guidance from Prof. Jagath Weerasinghe, and coordinated by Lalith Manage, a mentoring program for art students in Sri Lanka will be organized by Theertha International Artists Collective. This program is part of Theertha’s long term commitment to disseminate art knowledge through education and outreach programs. The program will focus on local schools, and school children will have the opportunity to attend a set of lectures and visit exhibits with renowned artists of Sri Lanka, including Pradeep Chandrasiri and Pradeep Thalawatta. Theertha hopes to continue this connection with students in successive years and believes that this program will contribute to take art events into grassroots levels.


Photo credit Priyanthi Anusha