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From Artist To Artiste

The Sooriya Village is honored to be part of The Colombo Art Biennale 2016 to present a unique dining experience, coupling its love for the world of art with comfort food created by renowned chef Koluu. The Sooriya Village is a facility that breaks the boundaries between galleries and restaurants, with its vast spaces which are constantly redesigned by non-auditioned and non-curated individuals. The duty of the artist/artiste then becomes to create a relationship between the space, the tables, the food, and the audience, allowing for mixed reactions from the diner according to their experience. This way we allow the audience to decide whether the art is a complementary good to the restaurant or if it is an added feature.

The days proceedings include Musical Performances, Live Paintings, Mehendi Collections, SFX Make Up tutorials, and Knitting & Designing, all taking place simultaneously allowing the diner to enjoy their meal whilst being exposed to the creators in their work-in-progress mode.

Location:- The Sooriya Village located at No. 49 Skelton Road, Colombo 05
Date:- 4th of December 2016
Time:- 11:00am to 3:00pm
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