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Mullegama Art Centre Children’s Art Project for CAB 2016

Creative expression is often inspired by an artist’s surroundings and their engagement and understanding of the spaces they inhabit. In an age where, increasingly, many aspects of life are becoming concentrated within the confines of indoors and digital space, the art of understanding context through conversation, exploration, and observationcan often be sidelined.

In hopes of re-igniting the love of exploration and strengthening important interpersonal skills of the young, 2010 Sovereign Prize Winner Pala Pothupitiya, 2016 Sovereign Prize Finalist, Pradeep Thalwatte and coordinator Lalith Manage, with a collaboration of local artists, will lead an exciting, experiential 6 day workshop for 21 children. Participants hailing from the Mullegama Art Centre, Sri Palee Campus (University of Colombo), and from the communities within Slave Island, will explore popular and industrious, everyday walking routes as guided by the inhabitants of Slave Island. The inspiration gathered from observations and first- hand experience of the topography, industries, and community ties will be expressed in artistic form through paintings and sculptures –utilizing sketching, digital documentation, and scrap material gathered by students during these walks.

The unique sculptures and artwork depicting aspects of life in Slave Island as seen through a youngster’s eye, will be displayed throughout Slave Island during the Colombo Art Biennale.

This project is funded by the Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong, which aims to provide recognition to the growing contemporary art talent in Asia, and bring proven benefits of art therapy to marginalized children.

Photo Credits: Mullegama Art Centre

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