Api –  I Am Because We Are

Solution Focused, Community Engaging Art Project

Api is an ongoing community engagement art project initiated by CoCA (Collective of Contemporary Artists) in 2014. The project is designed to focus and develop the personal growth in multicultural communities by supporting each other.

The project promotes the interconnection between mind, society and environment as sources of knowledge, meanings, values and identity for sustainable development of diverse communities through creative activities. The project offers visions for sustainability through sustainable developments of the four interconnected domains Ecology, Economy, Politics and Culture.

The first stage of the project is implemented at the Vajira Sri Children’s Development Center. With Vajira Home Children, CoCA initiated an idea to develop a mobile, educational and interactive community play-garden which can travel around varied locations and communities. It is ment for play, to educate and connect communities around an art work. It is to ‘grow’.

Creative play and design ideas for the play-garden were developed with the children, taking into consideration children’s own imaginative ideas and needs.

The interactive play-garden emphasizes on holistic education, life experiences and learning beyond the confines of the classroom and the formal educational environment.

This ongoing project provides a platform for children to learn subjects such as maths, science, languages etc. as integration of subjects, while engaging with art based and physical activities such as growing organic food for a nutritious diet.

Local and international artists from Australia, UK, France conducted various art, drama and music activities with the children to enhance their senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

During the process children and adults had the opportunity to think and feel while they explore, solve problems and express their ideas. They also interpreted and evaluated the process and the results. Both the children and adults exchanged their skills and knowledge while planning and developing the project together.

During the CAB 2016, the artists Poornima Jayasinghe and Chinthaka Thenuwara will exhibit the experience they gained through the project by engaging with diverse communities in a form of an interactive art work.




Cube out of the box

A multifunctional mobile space

This multifunctional space can act as an experimental gallery space, studio space, community center, and an educational workshop space. A mobile white cube mounted on a trailer is the main connecting node around which art activities occur. Art makers will be invited to create art and engage in art related activities using and connecting with the cube. The cube will witness art and have its own object-history.

The ‘Cube out of the box’ project is initiated by CoCA (Collective of Contemporary Artists) as a result of the ‘Art needs space’ and ‘Art in Public space’ projects, initiated and founded by the Goethe Institute Sri Lanka and the Alliance Française de Kotte. It is a concept more than an object supporting the unconventional and challenging nature of producing art in public spaces.

The project aims to travel to diverse public spaces and communities determined by the art-makers and art activities. Its aim is to consider public space as a creative challenge to encourage artists to engage with today’s issues by expanding their art practices beyond the safe confines of the studio and the conventional ‘white cube’ gallery spaces. The mobility of the cube will take the artists to enter right into the complexity of the unpredictable public spaces.

This project will explore the possibilities of creating art and art related activities in public space in terms of purpose, approach and form. It encourages interaction between the artwork or art-event, public space and the audience.

‘Cube out of the box’ provides a platform for diverse, multidisciplinary, local and international artists and people from non-art background such as inventors, sociologists, environmentalists, software developers and astronomers to come together through various art exhibitions, workshops, and discussions organized by CoCA.

During the CAB 2016 ‘Cube out of the box’ will start its first journey at the CoCA space and will continue to grow.









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