“It would be difficult indeed to find a field of artistic activity that does not interest Adrian Schvarzstein. A Catalan by adoption, but really a mixture of various nationalities whose formation took place all over Europe, Schvarzstein spends his life avidly accumulating experiences. (…)

After a spell with the Belgian circus Ronaldo he began to create solo shows: The Greenman, The Bed, Dans, Circus Klezmer and Kamchatka. These are street theatre and circus shows that aim to make the spectator a highly amused, and active participant. Chaos, surprise and provocative innocence are just some of the approaches Adrian Schvarzstein has used to triumph in the theatre and festivals all over the world, from Australia to Cameroon.” (Ramon Llull Institute, Catalunya, 2009)

Since1989, Schvarzstein has been working as a clown, actor, circus and theatre director, after studying Commedia Dell’Arte in Italy. Recent projects include the street theatre performance “Kamchatka” (Miramiro Prize 2008) and directing the opera La Barca in Holland.