Landscaperesembles a ruined terrain littered with pieces of toy guns that look like broken building parts. A 100 of these pieces are placed randomly on a surface that looks like an aerial photograph of a landscape. The broken pieces are cemented with clay so that each piece is black and earth-colored. A video projection will show white dust, resembling ‘snow’ falling on down on this landscape. The fallen snow then moves away to reveal the ruined landscape beneath.

The main inspiration for the work comes from those numerous images that we saw during the last days of the war in the north of Sri Lanka in 2009. However, this work is not about just the war, it is more about the fragility of living in a time that is searching for itself.

The landscape is positioned in a changing phase where the white shower of ‘snow’ is shed to reveal the murky state. The landscape is in a flux.

Anura attributes the progress of his artistic journey, to the Vibhavi Art Academy and Theertha International Artists Collective. Over the last eight years, Anura has showcased his work both locally and internationally in Maldives, Japan, Vienna and China.