Aroosa Naz Rana is a visual artist and an educator, currently doing her Masters degree in Art Education from Beaconhouse Universtity. She graduated in December 2003 from National College of Arts with Distinction in B.F.A degree. She graduated as a painter but currently working in digital media, photography and video.

Rana’s art is a constant query about “who is a viewer and who is being viewed” and the position of a viewer in her art works. She acknowledges that before the advent of advanced technologies, fact and fiction resided in two distinguishable categories. In art, for example, it was possible to differentiate between a fiction and realism. In contemporary life and vis-à- vis in contemporary art, however, the difference between fact and fiction has been complicated by experiences that derive from simulations, virtual reality and digital manipulations and by such crossover products as designer knock-offs, tribute bands, and docudramas. Her works of art challenge viewers in the same way that they are challenged by contemporary technologies – to decipher fact from fiction.

Since her graduation Aroosa Rana has been part of several Group Shows in her home country and abroad including “Exit” Dhaka Art Summit | Dhaka | Bangladesh | 2014 and “ Crossing Over” Delhi | India| 2013 and “ Extra| Ordinary” Karachi| Pakistan| 2013, curated by Rashid Rana. Aroosa Rana had her first Solo Show in “Subverting Desire”(2007), and second solo show “Suspended Disbelief” (2013) in Lahore| Pakistan.

Aroosa Naz Rana lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

Crossing Over Series # 2 (Super Man)
Crossing Over Series # 3 (Times Square)