These are not ‘White Flags’? Is an installation open to different interpretations creating an endless space for thinking. Its relativity is ubiquitous. Even more in Sri Lanka throughout the last three decades. White flags denote a death. While some deaths occurred due to natural causes, unwanted deaths were also our reality. Deaths of our youth was seen as sacrificial. But it was not. They were victims of politicized war games.

Are we citizens or subjects? In my opinion most of the people are ‘becoming’ subjects. But I do not want to be a subject. Are we blind? Are we becoming blind believing what is being said by the almighty government? Are we born to be governed?

Chandraguptha is a leading Sri Lankan artist whose work focuses on issues surrounding the impact of war in Sri Lanka. In response to this overwhelming crisis he has devised his own stylistic formulation, which he has called ‘Barrelism’.

Chandraguptha studied painting at the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Colombo between1978-1981 and at the Moscow State Institute named after Surikhov, USSR between1985-1992. In 1993 he founded the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts, an artist-run alternative art school and exhibition space.