‘The un-fulfillment of coincidence changes the world from scratch’

Christian Eisenberger’s provocative works have taken the Austrian art scene by storm. The artist, born in Graz, Austria in 1978, lives and works in Vienna. Widely known as an “enfant terrible”, Eisenberger enjoys the freedom of breaking with rules and covenants of the established art world. City streets, forests and meadows are used as places of inspiration and creation. His playful approach to the creative act throws convention overboard to make room for his own ideas. With Viennese roguery and often a fair amount of crudity Eisenberger, takes the world to task. His confrontational and sometimes cruel art is directed against the absurdity of both history and daily life. This dilettante whiz kid reacts directly to events and with his prolific production. He is the proto-type 24 hour artist.