‘The Jaffna Home’ is a photographic record of the interior of homes in transition and homes that might continue to be lived in as they have been for many years in the peninsula of Jaffna, since the ending of the conflict. This is the beginning of a continued work on documenting the way people on the peninsula live and how they might change their style with time and opportunity.

Dominic Sansoni has worked as a professional photographer since 1980. He has published several books and his most recent publications have been two books on Mauritius, ‘COLOUR’ in 2010 and ‘INCOGNITO’ in 2011. Recent personal projects have been the documentation of the vernacular architecture of South India, and a study of ‘Sacred Space’ in Sri Lanka. He is always fascinated by how people live; their private space and sense of style within a home. This curiosity and enthusiasm has taken him down many paths and is humbled by how often he is allowed to intrude into people’s homes and share their personal space.