“The Eccobrothers” is a video installation about the human relationship with nature. The images are based on poetic imaginations of the mind. The deconstruction is only a part of creating something new. So is death.

An apparent chaos of techniques and topicalisations characterizes Erik’s practice. But upon closer look we experience the attempt to cover all the different aspects of living a life.

Erik Pirolt was educated at the Art Academies of Trondheim and Oslo with the main focus going in all directions at the same time. Pirolt’s social construction is about how to build itself into Paradise. They are also referred to as residential structures – how to create an ultimate situation in which the mind is the raw material of vision. Often the whole creation process is made available to the public, so that one can clearly see the bridge from how a thought and an idea has been materialized.

Erik has exhibited his work in Europe since 1996 and the Colombo Art Biennale 2012 would be his first show in Asia.