“Fabric of Time” uses saris and cloth of different time periods, worn by women who have undergone diverse experiences in their life journey that narrate a consciousness, a nostalgia and remembrances of the past as an emotional experience.
The threads with which the fabric is woven represent the trajectories that brings the past into the future. How was the fabric woven? Who decided and formed the patterns? What were the deep rooted emotions and events that knitted this history together? Who proudly adorned this fabric in its time and space, are interrogations for contemplation.
The “fabric of existence” is woven with thread of different hues and patterns, chosen by artisans who tell the story of cultures, events, experiences and emotions through frozen moments in time. The fabric itself forms the boundary within which these antiquities are confined and narrated; making our own versions of history through interpretations based on collective memory and real life experiences.
The Fireflies Artist Network emerged from the Women Artists’ Colloquium (WAC) which was started by Theertha as a program for women artists. The Fireflies artists involved in “Fabric of Time” are Lakisha Fernando, Therica Miyanadeniya, Anusha Wijesinghe, Vijayalan Thujiba, Janani Cooray, and Leyla Gonaduwa.