Not Finished Yet: An inspiration from a visit to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It is important to explore boundaries even on a blank sheet of paper. The state of ‘before’ and ‘after’ exists simultaneously to give evidence of a development. The line has its seed in some kind of tension or energy and it leads to something like a thought, an image or feelings. Becoming is what life is all about.

Hanna was born in Austria and graduated from University of Applied Arts, also studied at Wimbledon School of Art in London. She lives and works in Vienna.

For Hanna drawing is the most intuitive way of expression – superposed layers can bear a different angle or a different denouement of a story. In her work she searches for the freedom of lines with no unambigous constrictions – as a seed can become a tree, a fly or a human. She wants to leave things open, keep them abstract for diversity of associations to unfold.