Echo is a video shot in the meadow-region of the Danube. The protagonist is on the run, through abandoned wetland, he stumbles into the brush-wood, tumbeling into the wet mud. Pulling himself together, he continues his escape into uncertainty. Who is after him?

The work is immediately related to a spatial thinking and experience and often refer directly to the artist’s mental and physical surroundings, especially to his atelier and the material to be processed there. The place where art is created is investigated in terms of its analogy potential with respect to life. The works can be read as a meditation on the creative act, its aspirations, but also on the difference from everyday activity. The film works that deal with traveling, speed and non-goal-oriented movement refer to the significance of an interdisciplinary reflection for art.

Hans Schabus, has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He has showcased many solo and group exhibitions since 1992 which includes “I don’t look back I look in front” at James Cohan Gallery, New York, “Uncommon Denominator”: New Art from Vienna, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Krems; Fouri da Qui, Austrian Cultural Institute, Rome. He lives and works in Vienna.