Hailing from Luristan, Iran, and having trained at the University of Art in Esfahan for his BA and the University of Art in Tehran for his MA, Hojat Amani is best known for his fantastical photo montages that juxtapose images of people, angel wings, and more traditional Iranian motifs and designs.

Drawing inspiration from history, the universality of angels as a symbol, and religious pilgrimages, Amani’s aesthetically futuristic interpretation of angels are wrought with vivacious personality, yet also leave room for subtle contemplation and self-reflection on morality and the universal language that symbols, even when embodied by humans, have.

In his Biennale work, Amani uses repetitive calligraphy forms to invite the viewer to see the depth of Iranian mystical art, and create a space of flow and rhythm. He hopes to introduce this mystical art to the west and share an art that is intertwined with the history, literature and wisdom of his culture.

A rising star in the contemporary art scene, Amani recently had a work sell at the Spring Bonham’s Contemporary Photography sale in Dubai. He has had art residencies in London and in Lithuania, has also published many articles and interviews, and lectures on art topics all over the world.