‘The Patient’ & ‘The Cause of Illness’ are concertina painted books. Circles like a microscopic view of various microorganisms both presenting a situation where one is engaging in self-discovery of oneself to be ill or to be ‘not ill’ – a process.

‘The Black Egg Boxes’ Forever caught in a flux, continuous change, fluidity of meaning by confronting one with the question – which is black, the eggs or the boxes? Exterior versus interior. The interior is an assumption which may or may not be true.

Jagath studied Painting at the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya (1977-1981) and at the American University in Washington DC (1988-1991). He currently teaches History and Theory of Archaeology, Art History and Heritage Management at the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, Colombo. Some of his most significant exhibitions have been ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Yanthra Gala Round Pilgrimage’ which introduced possibilities of artistic expressions reflective of broad political and social implications within a deep personal context. Jagath is also the Founding Member and Chairman of Theertha International Artists Collective in Sri Lanka.