Janet and Jennifer have been working both individually and collaboratively since the early 1980’s. Their practice embraces a wide variety of media including sculpture, photography, film /video, neon and painting. Throughout Burchill and McCamley’s combined career, they have critically engaged with the history and forms of modernist art and their relationship to everyday life, as reconsidered through feminist, psychoanalytic, filmic and spatial discourses. Collaboration has also been an important aspect of their practice. A major survey of Burchill and McCamley’s work TIP OF THE ICEBERG Selected Works 1985–2001 was held at the University Art Museum, University of Queensland and the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne in 2001.
The recent work Janet an Jennifer at 1.shanthiroad studio residency supported by Asia Link is called “Imitation of life”.
The show features a saree that has been designed with a camouflage print and another piece a traditional male underwear -langoti embellished with multinational symbols. They are emblematic and refer to the violence of our times. Centered around the uprising of the naxelite movement that unprecedented change in forest land acquisitions in the name of development that have systematically erased indigenous people from the land and cultural geography.