‘I am’ is a multimedia exploration of identity through the lives of Sri Lankan elders – a reflection of the question: ‘was there a time when Sri Lankans didn’t describe themselves as Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher?’ 
 It is a journey seeking a generation who identified themselves based on kith and kin, livelihoods and hometowns as they did in times of lore which shed light on questions about identity and experiences of conflict. Kannan’s journey took him to Jaffna, Kandy and Galle, where he visited churches, kovils, temples and mosques and was welcomed into people’s homes and workplaces. He met and photographed elders; many wise men and women who trusted him with their life stories.


Kannan Arunasalam is a multimedia consultant focusing on narrative journalism. Originally from Jaffna, he grew up in England and returned to Sri Lanka in 2004 where he now lives and works, using multimedia and documentary forms of torytelling. He is a former media lawyer and a regular contributor to Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Kannan’s video portraits about resilience in Jaffna have been screened at international film festivals and selected for Travelling Film South Asia 2012.