Alan Greenspangrünspan deals with nothing less than the future, with the traces of time gone by and the not-knowing of that which is yet to come. The title is composed of Grünspan (copper rust), a colloquial term for the green ageing toxic layer on copper surfaces, and Greenspan, the former Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. As a wordplay, the title, on the one hand, addresses the ageing process and, on the other, the currently rapidly changing value system. Karner (in the role of the silent Greenspan) and Samaraweerová (as his co –operator) lead the recipient in the dark catacombs of the capitalism. The work questionnes in general the mechanism of the capitalistic system but also the hollowness of the fun society.

Linda Samaraweerowa, Czech Republic was educated in contemporary dance and choreography in Bruxelles/ Belgium. She lives and works as choreographer and perfomer in Austria. Collaborator with the sculptor and installation artist Karl Karner since 2005. Karl Karner, educated at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/ class Heimo Zobernig recent international group exhibitions. Their extended concept of choreography and theatricality constantly seeks to reorganise our processes of perception and the temporality of our own experience.