Qatari photographer Khalifa Al Obaidly originally studied marine biology at the University of Qatar, and underwater photography was one of his earliest formative experiences with the medium.

Since 2002 Al Obaidly has concentrated on Qatari tradition and culture through the twin themes of Desert and Sea, seeking to convey through his photography the importance of the traditional wooden boats, called dhows, as reflections of Qatari history and bearers of the spirits of Qatari culture and the soul of the pearl divers.

In addition to his own photography work, Al Obaidly has worked at a number of science and art museums, including the Aquarium at the Qatar National Museum, serving as an assistant director at the Islamic Art Museum, and the Qatari National Council for Culture, Art and Heritage. Most recently, he has been working on a project to construct a museum of photography and build a collection of work.

Al Obaidly is also involved with many Qatari heritage programmes and initiatives, as well as leading the “Found Objects Project” (Echo Memory or Sadda AL Thekraiat) which seeks to create art from found objects for Heart of Doha Project.