Title:Strangers don’t exist

This work engages, explores and interrogates the pressures and tensions that somewhat mis-articulate the black psyche. The ‘idea of failure’ that runs parallel to the orthodox of success based on the failing ideas of progress. The lineage of violation that flows from the oppressor, to the institution, to the imagination of the next generation. And how the greatest freedom might be the ability to write oneself out of existence since from nothingness, new narratives can be built or misinformed ones freshly appraised. So our ideas keep failing us as we try to contextualize social mobility.

STRANGERS DON’T EXIST, weaves together puncture points that on stand alone seem arbitrary because being black can seem arbitrary and strange in an anti-black world and anti-woman world.

Khanyisile Mbongwa

COLLABORATORS: Noncedo Gxekwa, Emma Nomvelo Turpan, Nicholus Ngimkhethile Sithole and Didintle Ntsie