Based in Glasgow, Kit Mead studied Fine Art at Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Carlisle, graduating in 2010 and has since exhibited nationally and internationally. He was runner-up for the inaugural “Title Art Prize” from the Blank Media Collective, Manchester in 2011, and has participated in a number of group shows since 2006. He has had 8 solo shows, most recently “Allison and Victoria” at the Govanhill Baths, Glasgow, 2013 and has been artist-in-residence at the Sura Medura International Artist Residency Centre, Sri Lanka, 2013.

Mead’s work explores the dynamics of uncertainty and transition created by changes in the representation of environments or objects. In order to articulate the presence of time, he produces experiential site-specific installations along with digital video-based work, creating narratives of compressed information. The remains of phenomena that have been re-shaped by historical interference generate associative dialogues between the monumental and the ephemeral to reveal the effects of change.

“The Other Kwai” examines the lasting disruption caused to an area of the Sri Lankan rainforest used as the set for the 1957 David Lean film “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. Replicating the structure of the original film, a selection of archival material that reveals the building of the bridge together with filmic observations of the present-day bridge location interweaves fact with fiction.