Barbed Wire is a presentation of three artworks using barbwire as basic visual motif and substituting the surface by invalidating its appearance and its intrinsic look. Through three types of material constructions – human, socio-cultural as well as socio-political – the installation converts the situations and material manifestations of brutalization, segregation division, alerting of danger or signifying insecurity or temporality into things and environments that are secure, attractive, easy, and acceptable.

The post war period, saw different social groups acting racially and religiously to establish their extremist political existence. What are we really becoming? This is the question that is brought to attention through this artwork.


Pushpakumara was inspired at the Institute of Aesthetic studies (Now the University of Visual and Performing Arts) where he received his graduate level training in fine arts. The involvement in the 90’s Trend Art and working at the Theertha International Artists’ Collective was a major collaboration for Pushpakumara who has also worked as a set designer in the fields of theater and cinema. He was also part of the No Order Group in 1990.