“Portraits” is a series of paintings inspired by the uncertainty faced by Sri Lankans at the end of nearly three decades of war. It refers to the irrationality present in contemporary Sri Lankan society in which independent organizations do not exist and free ideologies are repressed. The “Wonder” of the post war situation has charmed us into forgetting that our rights, interests and privileges are empowering others and has led us to happily sink ourselves until we are neck deep in problems. Yet, we try to solve naive questions such as “What have we gained and what have we lost due to the war? Who are we now?” This series symbolizes the loss of basic civil and human rights and the power and anxiety manifested in the unconsciousness of people in contemporary Sri Lankan society.

Kusal’s enthusiasm for art led him to join the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts in 1997 which gave him the opportunity to participate in national and international workshops and exhibitions. He has had more than twelve years of art-related work experience and has also been actively involved in social service workshops all over the island. Kusal is currently lecturing at the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts.