Lakisha Fernando works on the theme of “intimacy” in relation to women’s experiences: examining, questioning and exploring the meanings and anxieties hidden in this seemingly innocent and affectionate word. Her works incorporate different elements such as written texts, objects, photographs and painted surfaces together giving a textured plane which transcends the traditional two-dimensional aspect of painting. In her installation projects, she has worked with natural and recycled materials, and her preferred art media are items and materials used in the decorative artists traditionally associated with women, such as needlework, embroidery and lace making.

In addition to her own art, she also draws on her background in psychology in order to work as an art teacher for individuals with special needs and as a counselor. She is a member of the Theertha International Artists Collective, a progressive artist-led art organization which organises the Theertha international art workshops as well as many other art events in Sri Lanka. She is the general coordinator and a founding member of International Fireflies Artists network, a group that formed in 2006 from the Theertha International Artists Collective.