Video artist Malaka Dewapriya is committed to exploring social, political and cultural issues through visual media and her literary engagement as a playwright. Her cinematic works have been shown and won awards at international film festivals and exhibitions in Israel, Japan, Netherlands, USA, Germany, India, Pakistan, Italy and Austria. Having graduated from University of Colombo Sri Lanka 2005, she won a scholarship for Film, Video and New Media at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Germany. In 2009, she was an Asia-Pacific Fellow at National Goyang Art Studio, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. Dewapriya is currrently in the final production stages of her first full-length feature film, called “The Undecided”.

For the Biennale, Dewapriya’s video art production “Pristine” was shot in Anuradhapura and examines how various layers of history co-exist and how they interact in our narratives, blurring boundaries and perceptions.