Manori Jayasinghe is a jewelry designer by profession but engages in other forms of artistic expression with a wide range of media including oil, watercolor, print media, and multi-media installations using found objects such as safety pins, roots, plastic pieces, and buttons. Thus Jayasinghe attempts to transform the mere functionality of jewelry as an object of fashion and adornment into a different kind of work, where jewelry transcends into an art form.
Her art training was through the Vibhavi Fine Arts Academy, a private art school with a mission to give opportunities for part-time artists to develop their skills. Jayasinghe’s art usually reflects her experience of social issues and tries to give voice to these issues and make the beholder ponder and think.  She is especially sensitive to the space of women in a male dominant culture and tries to highlights these aspects, sometimes in a humorous way.
Apart from her individual development as an artist, she is engaged in community work among a group of disadvantaged children. Some of the activities I have engaged in are free art and other workshops for children to develop their skills, and counseling for children and women living with drug addicted family members.