“1000 Rupee Note Three Times” is acrylic on canvas and was painted specifically for the theme “Becoming”. Nigel used the commemorative 1000 Sri Lankan rupee note which symbolizes the ushering of peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka and usually pictures a heroic illustration of President Rajapaksa. He then changed the main figure of the president to one of the Sri Lankan cricketer, Muttiah Muralitharan. Whilst living in Sri Lanka, Muralitharan is a name Nigel heard mentioned more often than that of the prime minister himself. Muralitharan represents the childhood innocence of ‘becoming’ in the sense that anything is possible. It’s not considered strange to want to become a famous sports star when one is a child, but an adult with those same dreams and ideals is considered to be odd. The work poses the questions; “when do we change our ambitions of ‘becoming’ to make them more mundane? When did we grow up and stop dreaming big?”

Once when travelling through Europe, Nigel visited the Tate Modern in London where he beheld a Jackson Pollock painting which inspired him to book a return flight to Wollongong the very next day and to apply to the University of Wollongong to study Fine Arts. Nigel has exhibited his works both in Sri Lanka and in Australia.