‘An Atlas’ is a book of reworked official government maps of Sri Lanka. Pala believes that Sri Lanka has seen the gradual establishing of a neo-colonial society. ‘An Atlas’ attempts to encapsulate all these different analyses by placing symbols representing the dominant political forces in the country along with the neo-colonisers and powerful companies on official government maps. It draws attention to the dynamics of contemporary transient Sri Lanka – a transition that leads to an unclear future.

Pala Pothupitiye received his art education at the Visual and Performance Art University in Colombo and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Sculpture. Pala hails from a background of traditional craft artistes and ritual specialists and so incorporates and reinterprets certain material and philosophical contents of traditional art in his work.  He confronts the compelling political issues raised by the war in Sri Lanka and brings certain repressed questions to the canvas and art objects. He extends these issues raising new, imperative questions – both by the content and form of his work. Pala was the winner of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in Hong Kong.