Title: ‘Towards a bright future’  II

The contemporary social, political and cultural condition of our landscape shapes our ability to perform in spaces. Create landscapes that exist as a projection of our own desires fantasies and realties. We consciously or unconsciously in a fatalistic fashion are increasingly comfortable to interpret all of our current problems as the inevitable outcomes of past events. We present ourselves as traumatized victims who wait to revitalize from unpleasant past. At this process we are in internal search for a safe haven a sanctuary of personal, social, political and cultural landscape. By talking about my own imaginative sanctuary which I exist with the audience giving meditational instructions and fusing the sound of flushing commode I create a dialogue with the audience leading them to imagine a sanctuary of a landscape. At this process imagination can be a therapy to escape from past unpleasant conditions of landscapes and create your own individual landscapes. On our journey of creating landscapes this imagination of each individual will forever be a fantasy ?