Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodge’s current practice explores the human relationship to environment and the complexities of place. Their work is multi-disciplinary and of an ephemeral nature, combining forms such as performance, projected imagery, temporary installation and sound. They often seek to create art by reimagining and reinventing existing processes and cultural iconographies in new contexts.

Their practice is context- and not media-specific, being led by a research-based response to the physical, human and cultural environs. They are interested in developing new strategies for creating work in the public space and in exploring new ways of engaging audiences.

Robbie is a visual artist and designer based in Scotland. He has created and collaborated on local, national and international arts projects in a variety of media including live art, sculpture, installation and film. He has also managed several large-scale arts projects and designed exhibitions for galleries and museums in the UK.

Jo has a background in human ecology, community development and social justice.
She has a diverse multi-disciplinary practice, creating both permanent and temporary public works, site-specific interventions, time based pieces, exhibitions and performance. She has worked with The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, The National Museum of Scotland and The National Portrait Gallery in London.