Sachini Perera is a freelance photographer and writer from Sri Lanka who engages in social activism, particularly for women’s rights. She was originally came to photography in the context of journalism, and then began photographing live performances in the burgeoning local alternative music scene. She has since expanded her photography repertoire to include travel photography, both in Sri Lanka and around the world, and portraiture. In her spare time, Sachini moonlights as a classical musician, playing the clarinet for the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka and singing.

Natalie Soysa is a freelance photographer, writer and artist facilitator currently heading the arts programme at the British Council in Colombo. After leaving a career in advertising, she commenced photographing and writing about the emerging post-war explosion of arts and culture in the country, a passion that has continued into a column in The Nation called ‘The Soul Gallery,” in which she highlights artists and projects around the country, introducing their ideas and work to the general public.

In 2013, Sachini and Natalie were awarded a joint grant by Groundviews for a photography initiative to look back at the experience of Sri Lankan women over the past 30 years, since the commencement of both the nation’s feminist movement and the country’s ethnic crisis in 1983.