Samson Ogiamien was born in Nigeria and has been working as a freelance artist in Graz, Austria for several years. After his training focusing on art and design as well as welding and construction he managed a sculptor’s workshop and came to Austria in 2004. Here the young artist attended the two-year master class in sculpture at Ortweinschule Graz – college, from which he graduated with distinction in summer 2007. Ogiamien’s works are based on the traditions of his home country and usually show the human form in semi-abstract style, often using “contemporary” materials such as concrete, iron, varnish, resin. It is important to him that people less familiar with art should also be able to understand his works. Samson Ogiamien likes to help people experience and express their own creativity. Thus the artist passes on his talents in workshops. Samson Ogiamien sees his art as a bridge between cultures and as an opportunity of bringing people together.

Samson was a part of  ‘Moving Out’ – a CAB parallel artist residency programme which took place at Sura Medura International Artist Residency, presented by UZ Arts.

In collaboration with UZ Arts and Sura Medura