“Glass Cabinet” is form of installation art – an artistic genre of 3D works that are designed to transform the audience’s perception of a space. Sanath presents gold or black coloured toys and small plastic statues of soldiers in a glass cabinet with no spaces between them symbolizing the prevailing post war time period and social background of Sri Lanka. It portrays the way individuals perceive society in an artistic manner. Soldiers are merely recruited for the purposes of war, but at the conclusion of war, they become multi-purpose actors. “Glass Cabinet” attempts to elicit the idea of ‘Becoming’ as the true nature of happening or the changing of the process of an activity.

Sanath is currently practicing art in collaboration with the Theertha Art Group and is the chief organizer of the Megha Regional Art Group. He completed a Master’s degree in Archaeology and Art History at the University of Kelaniya and is currently teaching Art at Lumbini College.