Title: -Is to be said.

The idea of landscape is shaped by various factors, geology does play a fundamental part in creating its material history, but over a period of time the socio-political layers create drastic & dramatic shifts on its upper crusts. I feel that the need to politicize and to poeticize is superficial, just like the landscape of the surface.

The lending of my voice (opinion/idea) to the other with the negation of the personal vocal generates a certain degree of pun. As I lend my voice, my authority with a negation of my actuality to a counterpart that has an equal authority on the non-acceptance of the idea creates a boomerang effect. But on both the ends there is a fundamental truth, neither my speaker nor me is telling a lie. This line tries to exploit the idea of the show to its core and challenge the norms of landscape recital questing the authority of the ‘voice’