Sumit Sarkar is a visual artist based in the North West of England, whose artwork takes the form of digital and canvas paintings, digital sculpture, 3D animation, video mapping and work inspired by graffiti. The content of his personal work ranges from the fantastical characters of Sumit’s KrikSix world, to his modern interpretation of the Hindu Gods, Ananta, through to his environmental sculptural graffiti work, Kerst.

Sumit also works as a designer, illustrator, curator and workshop leader, and is involved in various live art events around the UK, from live aerosol art and drawing battles to a live digital painting and sculpture.

He has exhibitions in and around the UK, with solo exhibitions at Lanternhouse in Ulverston, and the Cornerhouse in Manchester. Sumit is currently producing MESH a group exhibition of British fine art sculptors working with 3D print.

Sumit was a part of  ‘Moving Out’ – a CAB parallel artist residency programme which took place at Sura Medura International Artist Residency, presented by UZ Arts.

In collaboration with UZ Arts and Sura Medura