In his mixed-media work “Spine,” Sunil Sigdel works with used workers’ gloves to examine the consequences of a vicious civil war in Nepal that has resulted in the migration of around 1200 young people daily to work in foreign countries, particularly in the Middle East. Sigdel believes that the medium is the message in this work. The result is an ambiguous object with a life of its own, each gloves remind evoking a labourer.
Sunil Sigdel has a degree in Painting from the Fine Art College, Kathmandu. The subject matters in his works involve socio-political crisis of his country as well as the globe. Though his background is painting, his work also includes installation, performance, video work & photography.
Sunil has had many solo group exhibitions in South Asia, East Asia and Europe, including group exhibitions at the Kathmandu International Art Festival in 2009 and 2012, the ROSL Annual Scholars Exhibition, London in 2012, the Sovereign Asian Art Prize show in Hong Kong and South Korea in 2013, and “Off the Beaten Path” South Asian exhibition (Britto), Bangladesh in 2008.
He received the ROSL Annual scholarship Award in 2011, and the Creative Young Artist Award, 2007 from the Creative Artist Group, Pokhara, Nepal in 2007.