Surekha is a visual and video artist from Bengaluru who, over the last decade, has been exploring how video as an artistic form negotiates contemporary public and private space. She uses photography and video installations to interrelate the domains of archiving, documenting and performing, by reflecting on how visuality can engage with socially engaged aesthetics. Her recent video-installations from the last three years, like “Communing with the Urban Heroines”, “Unclaimed– urban f(r)ictions” and “Lake Tales” and “ Just follow the sound of the river” vigorously deal with these issues. The broader context of her work investigates the theme

of surveillance and its relation to boundaries—both real and metaphoric. In her work, she also explores the wider cultural, political and subjective connotations of surveillance, in the context of art and its historicity. In her words “any kind of governance is the one that watches while the subjects are being watched.”Altogether, this amounts to a specific artistic modality and art activism that she is deeply involved with, in Bengaluru.