Kolkata-born artists Susanta Mandal originally trained as a painter, but since then has branched out into more conceptual installation-based work. Mandal’s recent art practice explores the concept of energy. His mixed-media installations, which often utilize spotlights and kinetic mechanisms, seem playful but are actually uncanny and ultimately disconcerting constructions.
The rapid growth of imbalance in modern urban life does not have a transparent future, which Mandal has attempted to expose by building a new structure on the wall as a moving design to give a visual description of invisible energies which surround us.

Mandal enhances each installation by balancing theatrical lights with deep shadows. Through chiaroscuro, the works take on narrative and performative elements, echoing the tradition of vernacular storytelling in India.

Mandal has exhibited widely in India and around Asia. He is currently part of the Layout Artists’ Collective.